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“I have had the honor of working side by side with Geoff Glaser for over 2 years at a learn-to-swim school for inner-city kids… Geoff simply has a gift of being able to connect with kids and not only teach them how to swim, but… improve confidence and develop pride in accomplishing what others thought impossible. His knowledge of swimming combined with his enthusiastic personality is a rare find.”
–Mark Henderson, U.S. Olympic Swimmer & Gold Medalist
“Jeff Commings has a wealth of knowledge about the aerobic and anaerobic systems of the human body and how to train them. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him at several swim clinics, and his ease with people and understanding of the sum total of material makes him an impressive teacher!”
-BJ Bedford-Miller, U.S. Olympic Swimmer & Gold Medalist
“Geoff Glaser prepared my long-distance training program and coached me across the English Channel. He's an outstanding coach and swimmer; and I couldn't have successfully crossed without him!”
-Steven Sakadales, English Channel Solo, 2002

"Geoff Glaser and Jeff Commings are not only beautiful swimmers, but also great coaches and role models. I would strongly recommend them for you or for your child's swimming needs.”
-Allison Wagner, U.S. Olympic Swimmer & Silver Medalist
george bradbury

"Geoff Glaser and Dolphins of the Desert have been invaluable assets in helping me reach my goal of swimming the Strait of Gibraltar. Geoff was with me through the entire process, helping me stay focused and get in shape for the swim. When training for such epic swims it is invaluable to have a seasoned coach like Geoff on your side."
-George Bradbury, 1st Arizonan to swim the Strait of Gibraltar solo, 2011


"I can't imagine doing half of what I've accomplished without the vast knowledge and constant support of Geoff over the years. I am blessed for having Geoff as a coach, a friend, and a true role model."
-Stewart Goossens, Non-Wetsuit Division Alcatraz Crossing, 2006; Waikiki Rough Water, 2007;
10K Maui Relay Swim, 2008; Strait of Gibraltar Crossing, 2009
Click to view Stewart's interview about the Gibraltar swim on Swimming World's webcast.

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