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Open water swimming is a growing sport, now officially part of the Summer Olympics. Interest in modern open water swimming began with the first crossing of the English Channel by Caption Matthew Webb late in the 19th century. Later on, Lynne Cox and Dyana Nyad made their permanent impressions on what became the sport of open water swimming.

Various levels of experienced adult and age group swimmers now compete in lakes, rivers, seas, straits and oceans. Some compete in Masters but others in competitions governed by national swimming organizations in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

In special cases, others choose to individualize their endeavors – such as crossing the English Channel or Strait of Gibraltar, or swimming part of the Nile.

At Dolphins of the Desert, we can accommodate nearly any open water swimming goal you have – from beginning to swim in the open water to the highest feats. We have successfully coached novice open water swimmers as well as English Channel soloists, countless Ironman swimming aspirants, and the youngest American swimmer to successfully cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

Development of open water swimmers is always catered to fit your aspirations and goals. We counsel you, develop your training programs and steer you towards a successful open water experience.

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Geoffrey S. Glaser

English Channel Relay Swimmer (Colorado-Kent Friendship Relay with The Dover Lifeguards, 1987), and first Coloradoan to successfully swim across English Channel
Garnet-Martin Relay Trophy Winner, 1987
Co-Founder of Dolphins of the Desert Swimming Academy, LLC
Coached 2 successful solo crossings of The Strait of Gibraltar (Goossens, 2009; Bradbury, 2011)
1 successful solo crossing of The English Channel (Sakadales, 2002)