Do you want to be a part of our training programs, but can’t fit our swim practices into your schedule? You should consider Dolphins of the Desert’s E-Workouts!

For a monthly fee, Dolphins of the Desert Swimming Academy will create up to 16 workouts per month designed JUST FOR YOU! Whether you are just swimming for fitness or training for a major competition, we can design a swim training program that you can do on your own schedule!

We will kick off your e-Workout program with a 30-minute consultation to learn about your goals and training abilities. (The consultation fee is separate from your monthly membership fee.) We’ll create a specific training guide, which may include recommendations for strength training, and present to you for your approval. At the beginning of each month, you will receive between four and 16 swimming workouts, depending on the plan designed for you. Print out each workout to take with you to the pool and provide feedback to us.

Lew e-workout

Fees are determined by the number of workouts you get each month. You can cancel your e-Workout membership or change the level of your membership at any time with written notice before the beginning of the following month.

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SIGN UP BEFORE FEBRUARY 1, 2017 TO RECEIVE 50 PERCENT OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH! (Does not apply to the consultation fee.)

If your hectic life doesn’t make time for you to attend swim practices at the scheduled times, we recommend participating in our e-Workout program! Call 520-891-8923 or send an email to info@dolphinsofthedesert.com to learn more about e-Workouts!