If you are looking for a fresh and exciting way to become a better swimmer, build new skills and uncover hidden talents in the pool, you should hire Dolphins of the Desert Swimming Academy for your next clinic!

Led by former USA Swimming national team member Jeff Commings, the clinics will focus on improving even the most broken strokes by connecting the mind and body to the process. No matter the age or skill level, we can get each person who participates in our clinic to become more efficient in the water. Using techniques and tools that we employ on a daily basis in our private swim lessons, you will be transformed into the champion swimmer you always wanted to be!


Our clinics last two hours. The first hour is typically fully focused on freestyle, with an emphasis on a full-body approach to improvement and efficiency in the water. If time allows, work on freestyle flip turns is included. The second hour focuses on the remaining three strokes. Even those who have zero experience swimming butterfly, backstroke and/or breaststroke will take a few steps forward to being competent in those strokes. An extra half hour can be added to work on starts and turns. Depending on the number of participants, certified coaches may be needed on deck for assistance.


Though we have a tried-and-true template for our clinics, we are more than happy to make adjustments based on the host team’s needs. Our clinics are open to all swimmers ages 12 and up, including Masters swimmers!

Fee: $500 for a two-hour clinic, with a maximum of 50 athletes. Fee will be adjusted for more than 50 athletes, and for a clinic lasting more than two hours. Depending on location, team provides airfare and accommodation.

We hope you will consider Dolphins of the Desert Swimming Academy for what we are sure will be a memorable and impactful clinic for your team! If you have any questions, contact Jeff Commings at 520-891-8923 or

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